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Trending: What is a Scandinavian Face Frame or "Scandi Hairline"?

Have you ever had a highlight and no matter how blended the highlight you still felt like you had dark baby hairs or places around your face that weren't as blonde?

Enter: The Scandinavian Hairline. To me, this is a take from a balayage face frame where you are able to lighten every single piece around the face, but instead of blonde that is diffused into the natural hair line it is completely bleached out all the way to the root. This creates an overall blonding effect where your face frame is completely seamless. The difference between a Scandi hairline and a Scandi Face frame is in how thick you choose for it to be. You can do it an inch thick where the entire face frame is lightened or you can do just the baby hairs where you create a seamless finish and brighter blonde around the face.

Who is a good candidate for the Scandi face frame or hairline?

  • Someone who has a lot of baby hairs around the face that never grow and/or aren't quite long enough to highlight.

  • Someone who has a very uneven hair line. Beauties with widows peaks or points that come in closer around the eyes. These tend to be areas that are harder to highlight and also areas that show growth first.

  • Someone who can never be blonde enough

  • Someone who wants a bolder face frame even if they aren't a heavy highlight.

  • Someone who feels like their grow out shows around their face quickly

While I have several guests who are currently getting a Scandinavian hairline, my guest Jessica's picture is a perfect example of exactly how seamless these can be and how they lighten every. single. hair. When Jessicas face frame is down it looks soft and blended and you would never notice her baby hairs, but pushed away from her face you can see how perfectly it's lightened. There are no lines, no darkness, and all of her baby hairs are completely blended into her blonding. If you love this look, ask your stylist at your next appointment about getting a Scandinavian hairline or face frame. They can tell you if it would be a good fit for you. Against what some people say online, I've found so far that it's a great fit for most light brunettes as well. The concept is the same even if we are doing caramel highlights or dark golden blonde.

If you have any questions about it, I would be happen to answer them at @peytonbryanhairartist or if you just want to follow along you can also find me on Facebook here or on TikTok at Brittanypeytonbryan. For new guest inquiries, you can visit my website at to connect to my new guest form. Happy Blonding beauties!



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