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Have Better Hair Days With Less Work: How To Train Your Hair To Wash Less

Are you washing your hair everyday?

You wish you didn't have to and when you hear from your friends and other women that they only have to wash every couple of days or even every four days.. you think HOW?!? You feel like your hair would be an oily mess. I believe that day three is the BEST HAIR DAY EVER. Want straight hair? Done. Want curly hair? Not a problem. Full of texture and product by day three, your hair is dream hair waiting to happen. BUT what if you never make it to day three because you feel like you have to wash it everyday. Here's how to change that!

Here is the breakdown on how to wash less and have better hair days with less work:


When you wash your hair you are stripping it of natural oils and your body's response is to produce more oil. It's the hamster wheel that never stops. You wash, then your body produces more oil continually to the point where you feel like you have to wash every single day.

When you decide you want to get off that hamster wheel the first thing you need to do is find a hydrating, ingredient rich shampoo and conditioner that balances the pH in your hair while also replenishing it with plenty of moisture, vitamins and minerals that your hair needs. This won't completely stop your hair from getting oily alone, but it is a good start.

My favorite moisturizing shampoo and conditioner right now is the KM HYDRATE.ME that you see below. If you have extremely fine hair KM Angel Wash is a great alternative that is designed specifically for fine hair to add moisture and strength. But please, no matter what, don't skip the rinse! I have met women in the past who would never conditioner their hair because they were afraid of weighing it down. Your hair desperately needs that added moisture. It makes it silky and shiny and beautiful, not to mention extremely manageable which means no accidental breakage from brushing out tangles.

More information on the Hydrate.Me Wash + Rinse:


All dry shampoo is not created equal. If you have tried dry shampoo in the past and had chalky or weighed results you need to try a premium or luxury brand. Ingredients matter and weightless dry shampoo is a game changer. It gives you instant lift, softness, and a fresh blowout look in seconds. KM Fresh Hair is what I use at the studio and with its lightly citrusy scent it's quickly become my everyday favorite. The trick to dry shampoo is to use it BEFORE your hair gets oily. Yes, before. So here's your routine: Wash. Towel Dry. Apply Product. Blow out hair. Add dry shampoo.

  • DRY SHAMPOO HAIR TIP: Don't wait until your hair is greasy to apply dry shampoo. Often times guests don't find the wow result they are looking for because they wait until day three or so to apply when their hair practically looks wet and is basically "too far gone" to have that fresh blowout look. Product is amazing, but it has to be used correctly. So, apply dry shampoo right after a fresh blow out and every morning after until your next wash date.

  • REMEMBER: Your hair still needs moisture, so while we are keeping the oil at bay at the roots, you need to make sure you are keeping your ends moisturized. We aren't bettering your hair if your ends are turning to hay on day three. How you keep this from happening is by applying product through your ends every morning when you apply your dry shampoo. This will give you endless days of dream hair without any bad "side effects". My go to product for this would be the KM Shine Repairing Spray or the Young Again Oil.

More Information on my go to dry shampoo KM FRESH HAIR:

I hope you guys found this helpful! If you have any questions feel free to reach out or connect with me at @peytonbryanhairartist or Peyton Bryan Hair Artist to follow along!

Wishing you perfect day three hair every single day! xx Peyton



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