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Shortly after college and attending cosmetology school, my husband and I moved to Houston, Texas for his career.

I knew no one when I moved there aside from my husband, but through social media and hard work I was able to quickly build a large clientele and following at a high energy salon. I learned so much about marketing and efficiency through this experience. I loved every minute of it and everything Houston had to offer. When my husband accepted a new position in Mississippi I knew I wanted to create a more relaxing environment. I wanted a one on one atmosphere where my guests were the center of attention and I would be free to create and grow as an artist without all of the noise and chaos of a larger salon.

Thats where the idea of Peyton Bryan Hair Studio began. 





Christmas of 2015 we returned to Mississippi to search and explore Vicksburg for studio options and found the perfect studio nestled in the hillside of downtown Vicksburg. It was the perfect size for a single person studio, but the building hadn't been a business in over seventy years and needed major renovations. We decided the location was too perfect to turn down, so we decided to take on the project. During the remodel, we found a few hidden treasures such as the original beadboard ceiling dated over 140 years old and pieces of shoes and tags from the shoe store that was in that location in the 1930's. After four months and a complete restoration we had my dream studio in the heart of downtown Vicksburg. I received a warm welcome by everyone when I opened my doors in May 2016.

From the day I opened my doors 7 years ago until now, I have had a whirlwind of success thanks to Mississippi beauties welcoming me with open arms and allowing me to create beautiful color stories for them. I have had the privilege of creating for guests all the way from Meridian to Jackson through Vicksburg all the way to Monroe, Louisiana and surrounding areas.


Within my first year I had to close my books to new guests and had a lengthy wait list for possible openings. In our industry there is so much focus on building your business, but as much guidance on what to do next. I learned critical business and time management skills during this time. I was working full time, educating full time, and loving every minute of it, but also constantly exhausted. Covid was the forced wake up call many of us needed to learn the importance of work/life balance even if your "work" isn't like work at all, but a huge passion of yours. Today I keep my books open, only allowing current beauties to book one session in advance to constantly allow for new guests and travel, which is something I love to do for continuing education and also with my husband to explore new places.


The one piece of advice I would give to new stylists is "You can't pour from an empty cup". 

Remember to not only care for others, but also for yourself. 

Can your clay lightener do this_ A quick

Almost immediately after entering the hair industry in 2012 I became an educator. This is where you work with haircare brands or for brands to help educate current stylists and the next generation of stylists.

While some artists choose to only educate, I did this while working full time behind the chair.

 I was on the Alterna Haircare team for six years before joining the Sunlights Artisan Team in January of 2019.

Giving back has always been important to me and sharing ideas and teaching other stylists

ways to improve their art and business is beyond rewarding.


"Bettering my best" is my own personal mantra.

As an advocate for education in our industry, I believe knowledge is something that can never be taken away from you.

You will never regret investing in yourself and being the best artist and person you can be.


Ive traveled from California to New York seeking elite education to be one of the very best in this industry.

You are never to old or too educated to learn something new or elevate your craft.

As an educator for 10+ years, I had the privilege of traveling all over the United States sharing knowledge with stylists and working backstage and fashion weeks and events beside talented artists and friends. I believe in giving back to this industry by helping grow the next generation of artists one class at a time.



There I am!


Train the Trainer with Sunlights Balayage Atlanta


Redken Specialist training in Birmingham


Teaching balayage techniques to stylists at my Vicksburg studio

Alterna ASU in California 


Me and Candy Shaw at Sunlights HQ's in Atlanta 






Giving  back by teaching

a balayage class to the next generation of hair stylists in MS

In Spring of 2019, my husband accepted a new position in his career and we moved right outside of Memphis, TN to Marion, Arkansas. I continued working behind the chair and educating full time. In Spring of 2020 Covid hit and changed everything. I was fortunate to be able to step back from working full time until everything calmed down, but continued to come back to my studio twice a month to see my Vicksburg beauties. While my husbands career was considered essential and nothing changed for him, we spent there rest of "covid time" outside of work renovating our Marion home. After Covid, in Spring of 2022, my husband accepted a huge opportunity that allowed us to live anywhere so we chose to return to Vicksburg Mississippi near family and friends and I went back to my studio full time

Kentucky 2022

Peyton and Adam Paducah Kentucky.jpg

Date night Memphis 


Florida 2020


In 2022 we bought our first full major renovation. We ripped out ceilings, German smeared brick, painted walls, remodeled bathrooms, and learned how to use a professional paint sprayer all while I was working full time behind the chair. We call it the Vicksburg Ranch Style Remodel and I share a lot of these before and afters on my blog along with our previous Marion projects. We also traveled to the Bourbon Festival in Kentucky for the first time and to Campeche, Mexico which was an absolute dream. To say 2022 was a busy year is an understatement, but it was so much fun! 


My cousins New Orleans Wedding 2022


Campeche Mexico


Kentucky Bourbon Festival Bardstown


It is currently 2023 and after almost ten years, I decided to step away from educating full time to focus all of my energy on my craft and creating behind the chair at my Vicksburg studio. As a blonde specialist, I get create for beauties from all over Mississippi and parts of Louisiana. Ive created a system that allows me to take new guests when my book allows it and also allows me to constantly travel with my hubby and to hair trainings and events. It's currently June of 2023 and Ive already had so much fun this year traveling to New York and Dallas meeting new artists and learning from some of the best to bring the latest trends and techniques back to my Vicksburg beauties. 


Redken Symposium Dallas


New York Redken Exchange 


While no ones life is perfect, today I feel blessed to be living my dream life. A beautiful life younger me probably couldn't even imagine. It brings me so much joy to create behind the chair and I realize how truly lucky I am to love what I do.

I'm grateful to have met so many amazing people at my studio over the years and to have so many continued friendships with clients and artists in the industry.


When I'm not creating in the studio you can find me looking for my latest treasure at a local antique store, tackling a new home project ( we are currently taking on our first full renovation top to bottom), curled up with a book, running at the gym, or baking something sweet.


My husband, Adam and I love to travel when our schedules will allow it. Ireland, Old Quebec, and the Faroe Islands are on my bucket list along with a few local places including Charleston, Savannah and Maine.

When we aren't traveling, you can find us at the gym together, making Home Depot trips, or at home with our two dobermans, Dixie and Dobie.

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