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Rinse + Repeat: 3 Reasons To Wash Twice In The Shower

Have you ever wondered why your hair looks amazing when you leave the hair studio, but not as amazing when you do it at home?

There are several factors that could attribute to this, such as a thorough wash, high quality products, and the fact that your hair stylist is probably super talented with styling a blowout. When it comes to great hair, its really all in the details and one of those little details is washing twice in the shower not just once.

Why you may ask? Here are my top three reasons for washing twice in the shower.

Rinse + REPEAT beauties!

Fresh Hair

This my seem like an obvious but when you don't wash twice you aren't able to get all of the oil out of your hair leaving you with greasy hair even after you wash and condition. A lot of beauties think they "just have oily hair", but the truth is it just isn't clean. I see this often with teenage girls, but also with women who have really thick hair. That first shampoo can't even began to clean the underneath and inside of the hair when its "just on top". Once you break up the initial build up, the second wash is when you can really get underneath and inside the hair to the scalp for a deep clean.

Have you ever noticed how when you wash your hair the first time the shampoo doesn't lather much, but then when you wash the second time its suds for daysssss. That's because during that first wash it is attaching to the oil and residue in your hair from product or the environment, so it doesn't lather. But the second time you wash you have less dirt and grim in your hair and your shampoo is able to produce a richer, thicker lather. You know the hair is clean when there are plenty of suds.

It Allows You To Wash Less

Okay, so to explain this point fully, I have to break down a hair myth.

MYTH: Shampoo strips your hair.

HAIR TRUTH: Shampoo filled with sulfates and chemicals strip your hair or better explained dry out your scalp creating a response from your body to produce more oil. This becomes a hamster wheel that beauties get stuck on where they feel like they have to wash every single day because their hair is so oily, but in truth they need a higher quality shampoo and to wash twice to truly clean their scalp and hair. Sulfates are what make over the counter shampoos lather. Look for a sulfate free shampoo when choosing a wash.

Washing twice allows you to fully clean your hair and using professional shampoo with high quality ingredients actually adds to your hair instead of stripping away. So while it takes the oil and product away, it adds vitamins and oils and that benefit your hair and scalp. This keeps your scalp from drying out and over producing oil which allows you to wash less!

It Allows Your Product To Work Better

Think of it this way: You wouldn't put fresh makeup over leftover makeup. When I take my makeup

off at night I use a makeup wipe and then cleanse my face or because I use an oil cleanser I will choose to cleanse my face twice to make sure I got it all off. When I do use makeup wipes it takes two wipes to take everything off especially with mascara so apply that same knowledge to washing your hair. Fully cleansed and conditioned hair creates a better canvas for hair products to work their magic the same as a cleansed face for applying makeup.

Washing your hair twice can create a healthier scalp, less oily hair, and a better canvas to apply your hair products to all while creating beautiful bouncy hair that isn't weighed down by leftover residue and oil.

Final Note: A super elementary way to explain why you should wash twice: When you pour shampoo into your hand there are only so many shampoo "molecules" in your hand. Their job is to find oil and dirt and trap it. The ones that can't find oil and dirt "suds up" or lather. So when it barely lathers or doesn't lather at all it's because the molecules are "full of dirt". The second wash is when it really starts to lather and you know there are "empty" molecules which means your hair is completely clean. For someone like me, who loves product and washes only every three-four days I sometimes wash three times just to make sure my hair is really clean. This isn't scientific, but it's a simplistic way to understand how washing works.

I hope you guys found this helpful! I would love to hear your feedback and as always would be happy to answer any questions. Feel free to connect with me on Facebook or instagram. Have a great day beauties and don't forget to Rinse + Repeat!



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