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I'm so excited to offer this to new beauties or any beauties who want to book outside of my normal schedule to skip the line and get in sooner. This will apply to coming in before or after my normal working hours, Monday afternoons, or Fridays. 

 Foundation Services

Blonding Session $185


Foil techniques used to achieve brightness

 and dimension in the hair


2 - 2.5 hours in the studio

Rebooking 6-8 weeks 

Balayage Session $210


Free hand painted highlights 

for a sun kissed look and natural grow out  


2+ hours in the studio

Rebooking 6-12 weeks 

Color Session $135


This is for guests who currently have root to ends color

and need a retouch with two inches or less   


1.5 hours in the studio

Rebooking 4-6 weeks

All Over Color Session $155


This is for guests who currently have root to ends color

and need an all over refresh from base to ends


1.5 hours in the studio

Rebooking 4-6 weeks

Color + Blonding Session $265


This is for guests who need gray coverage color or a 

different base color before their highlights. This also applies to 

root melts and blonding sessions.


2.5 hours in the studio

Rebooking 6-8 weeks

Finishing Glazes $38


Applied after highlights or a color to shift color tones

to create a color story complimenting my guest

15-30 mins in addition to another service

Rebooking 4 - 6 weeks

 Balay Face Frame or Base Bump with any session $70


Created to add a pop of brightness and

highlight the face in addition to other services


1 hour in the studio

Rebooking 6 - 8 weeks 

Haircut with any session $75


Any shaping or trimming of the

hair with or without a style


                           30 minutes - 1 hour in the studio                       

Rebooking: 4-6 weeks 

Any extra chemical bo​wl $20



 All pricing is a la carte and starts at the base price above which is adjusted

by the amount of product used and the time needed to complete the service.

Any additional bowls of product needed are $10 per bowl added to the base prices listed above.

I do not accept credit cards. I accept cash or check or Venmo.

Cancellation Policy 

Due to limited availability, I respectfully ask for a 48 hour cancellation notice.

Any cancellation within a 48 hour period will be charged a $25 cancellation fee.

Any cancellation within a 24 hour period will be charged HALF of their appointment cost

and any cancellation within 8 hours of the appointment time

or day of will be charged for the ENTIRE appointment cost

before being able to rebook.


Constant cancellations or ANY no shows will automatically be removed

from my schedule and will forfeit any and ALL future appointments.

Several reminder text messages are sent prior to the service scheduled

that allow ample time to reschedule if needed. Unfortunately when guests cancel

last minute it makes it difficult to fill the time and denies a guest an appointment. 

Return Policy

All service sales are final.

If there is a tonal problem or miscommunication that needs to be addressed I would be

more than happy to discuss it within 5 DAYS of the original service appointment.

Respectfully, if a guest has a change of heart or regrets a color choice, (example: guest goes darker with their color or root melt and changes their mind and wants to be blonde again or vice versa), I completely understand and would be happy to get them in on my first available appointment date, but it will be at a FULL service charge. 

Products that have been used can not be returned.

If the product is unused, I would be happy to refund it within 7 days of purchase.

Special Note for Mom

Hi! Just a friendly reminder that if there is a certain price point or look that you would like for

your teenage daughter please accompany them to the studio for their appointment.

As the artist creating the look I am going to listen to whoever is present.

Sometimes teenage girls will say one thing to their mom and another thing once they get in the studio.


For example: You guys chat the night before about her keeping her natural barely there highlights,

but the next day she comes into my studio and says she want blonde, like really blonde all over and a haircut too.

Fast forward to the end of the appointment or that night and you are left wondering  

why she is so blonde or why the price point was higher. 


Just a friendly reminder that sometimes teenagers do things on a whim

and its not always what you expect or want.

If you have a specific hair plan in mind, please accompany them

to the studio to avoid any confusion. Thank you! 

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