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Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter Cookies

Growing up.. if there was dessert available I wanted it to be chocolate.

Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate. Any time I think of chocolate I think of

my Aunt Tondia. She could probably eat chocolate for breakfast. At least a Hershey Kiss or two. Trust me, our family loves chocolate. BUT when I got married, this chocoholic married a sweet, handsome man who, you guessed it, doesn’t like chocolate. Needless to say.. It opened my eyes to so many new sweets along the way.

The ONLY way my hubby will eat chocolate is usually with peanut butter, so these Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Cookies were born and are a total win at our house. 🙌🏻 They use a traditional peanut butter cookie recipe.. you just add in the pieces and bake for like 9 minutes flat. No more.. no less. If it was up to me I would probably throw cookie dough on a pan and call it a cookie, but since they actually have to be baked to be considered a cookie.. this is the next best thing. They are so soft and gooey they literally melt in your mouth!


  • (1) cup of butter softened

  • (1) cup of creamy peanut butter (I use JIF)

  • (1) cup of sugar

  • (1) cup of brown sugar

  • (2) large eggs

  • (2 1/2) cups of all purpose flour

  • (2) teaspoons of baking soda

  • (1/4) teaspoon salt

  • (1 1/2 tablespoons) Vanilla extract ( I used Watkins)

  • (1-2) cup of Reese's Pieces

  • Raw cane sugar (for topping)


  1. Mix first four ingredients. I usually soften the butter, mix, then add the peanut butter and mix. Slowly add the sugars a little at a time until everything is smooth and blended, then add the eggs and mix.

  2. Combine next three ingredients in a separate bowl. (Its always a good idea to mix your dry and wet ingredients separately and then blend together) Once mixed together add to your original bowl of ingredients.

  3. Add vanilla extract and mix. Then, stir in Reese's pieces.

  4. Cover and chill for a minimum of three hours.

  5. Take out of the refrigerator and form cookies. The dough is really hard, but the heat from your hands will make it easier to form them. Place on baking sheet and bake for 9 minutes flat. I bake for 5 minutes, then get a fork and press down on each cookie and continue to bake for another 4 minutes.

  6. Then, take them out and sprinkle sugar on top while they are still hot. (When you take them out you have to let them cool or they will fall apart when you pick them up. I normally let them sit for 10 minutes if I can stand to wait that long lol) The longer they cool, the sturdier they become and easier to transport if needed.

Its just me and the hubby at home, so, most of the time I will mix everything up and before adding the chocolate freeze half of the dough, then I half the Reese's pieces to around a cup or half a cup. It allows me to have fresh cookies whenever I want without all of the prep work.

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