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Sausage, White Beans & Rice

Fall is finally here in Arkansas and I couldn't be happier. Planning out what I wanted to cook for the week I figured I would try red beans and rice, but when I was at the grocery they were all out of Camellia red beans, so I grabbed white beans instead and figured I would just wing it. Two hours later I had the most delicious creamy white beans and rice filled with sausage and bacon. The perfect meal for the cooler Fall weather.


  • (1) package Camellia Northern White Beans

  • (1) package of smoked sausage

  • (1.5) cups of white rice

  • (6) slices of bacon cut into 1 inch pieces

  • (1) onion chopped

  • (1) bay leaf

  • (2) tb minced garlic

  • garlic powder

  • onion powder

  • Tonys

  • black pepper

  • salt

  • smoked paprika


  1. Chop 1 onion, 1 package of smoked sausage into 1 inch pieces and 6 pieces of bacon into 1 inch pieces. Add all of it to same skillet and drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper, then turn on medium high and cook until lightly browned.

2 Add 9 cups of water and 1 package of Camellia's northern white beans into heavy pot with salt and bring to a boil.

3. After your onion and meat is sautéed and lightly browned, add to beans and allow to simmer. Season with all seasonings listed above to taste. Add bay leaf.

4. After your beans boil for around ten minutes, lower to simmer and allow all of it to cook together for two hours or until beans are tender. (Mine was around 1.5 hours)

5. Once beans are softened (around 30 minutes before its done) you can mash some into the side of the pot to make it creamier.

I hope you enjoy my version of white beans and rice as much as the hubby and I did. He's a super picky eater and we both loved it. For more recipes or the latest post, check out my blog or connect with me on my website at



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