Embracing Minimalism: Quality Over Quantity

When you say Minimalism I feel like most people think of a tiny house or a very empty apartment. Living with less looks like living without. At first glance, it reminds me of a diet. Not enjoyable. But, over the past few years Ive been intrigued with the idea because when you look closer it's just choosing to keep what you love and enjoy and getting rid of the rest. Minimalism to me certainly doesn't mean doing without. (I still have a glass for every occasion.) It just means choosing quality over quantity. Its living life with intention. It's taking time to choose exactly what you want to buy for your home and not just what's convenient. It's taking regular edits of what you currently own to make sure you are surrounded my things you use and love.

Letting Go Of The "What If" Scenario

They say the average person has 300,000 things in their home. YES. Im serious. Mostly because of the "What if" situation. But what if we need it? Boxes of cords, old dog sweaters, expired cleaning supplies, and abundance of clothes we no longer wear, etc. When I first heard that number I didn't believe it. Like certainly not. But the more I got to thinking about it, I thought it might be possible. Its easy to just throw something in a box or the back of the closet, but if you haven't used it in several years Im thinking that the "what if scenario" probably isn't going to happen and if it does you will probably buy something new anyways. We have slowly become more comfortable with letting go of things and saying "No, we don't need to keep that" or "Lets donate it". It makes me feel good that someone else could use it and find value in it.

What Comes FIRST.. Organization or Cleaning out?

We currently live in a home right outside of Memphis and I decided from the beginning that I wanted to make a solid effort for it to be super organized. Everyone embraces minimalism at different degrees, but for me, its just being really organized and not buying just to buy. But, what comes first organization or cleaning out? Me and a beauty for talking about this at my hair studio the other day. It's kind of like what comes first.. the chicken or the egg? lol.

Here's what I did.....

  • START IN ONE ROOM AND DO ONE ROOM ONLY. I started with my laundry room. We did a laundry room remodel and in the process I pulled everything out and organized afterwards. I used Rubbermaid plastic shoe containers with tops that I had left over to hold my cleaning supplies under the sink. I made a game cabinet, a place for all of Adam's golf balls, and a pet area. Ive found you can only have a clean house if everything has a place otherwise Im just shuffling clutter from one area to another.

  • BUY LESS CONTAINERS THAN WHAT YOU NEED. For instance when I was organizing my holiday decor I decided that I was going to color coordinate everything. So I used black for halloween and red for christmas, etc. I only bought TWO containers to start with. I knew I would probably need more, but that way I was efficient and could clean out as I went and afterwards would know exactly how many more containers I needed.

  • PULL EVERYTHING OUT OF THE CABINETS OR DRAWERS YOU ARE CLEANING. Go through it, THEN find the best way to organize what's left. Sometimes you have containers or leftover plastics that you can use as organizing bins without having to buy anything new. I used a cheap small plastic container from walmart that would normally hold pens to hold our playing cards in our game cabinet.

  • BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. I think this is one of the hardest things, but to clear out your house and make life more organized you have to be honest about what you need and dont need. If you have a stack of jeans you would love to get back in, but its been 6 years it might be time to let it go and maybe choose to keep just one pair. For me, it's the special steamer for veggies that Ive had for six years that never came out of the box. It sounds good, but I don't use it. It knew it was time to let it go.

Minimalism looks different for everyone. I still own a ton of wine glasses, whiskey glasses, and clothes and I adore my china. Im never going to be the girl that has five things in her room. In my life minimalism means quality over quantity. It's taking the time to pick out every single thing that I add to my home with intention. Choosing what I keep and what I give away instead of just letting things pile up around me. It has brought me so much peace and joy. I have wayy less anxiety because I don't have the stress of clutter weighing me down.. I feel that a clean house equals a clean mind.

Im currently taking on my kitchen..... This is what it looks like when you pull everything out of the cabinets... (scary) I assumed a used around 30 things in my kitchen not counting silverware. I had Adam guess how many things we had and he said 100. Wellllllllll..... it was way more than that. Minimalizing the kitchen is currently taking place. Let's see how many things I am able to get rid of!