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Hi beauties! Im looking forward to meeting you!

 After deciding what you would like to book and reviewing my services and policies page,

the experience begins when you schedule an appointment. Upon booking you will receive a confirmation text message with your date, time, and appointment details. You will receive these text message reminders the week before, 48 hours, and 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. This ensures that your visit is seamless from the start.



The day of your appointment you will be greeted with a warm welcome before starting a thorough consultation determining your hair goals and needs based on your hair texture, density, lifestyle and natural features. We will discuss goals for that day and any long term goals for future appointments. My studio is a one on one enviroment which means I don't double book and there is only one person in my studio at a time other than arriving guests. This allows the focus to be completely on you and your hair goals while maintaining complete attention to detail. 

We'll wrap up your appointment by recommending at home care and products for your desired look.  Most of my guests book 2-3 appointments out, so rebooking is always recommended to guarantee the time and day that works best for your schedule. I will look forward to your appointment and I am always available for any hair questions and to offer solutions to your hair problems. 

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