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I’m Peyton Bryan! I’m a dimensional brunette + blonding specialist.

In a nutshell, I fix bad blonding. 

I have helped beauties from Monroe to Meridian find their signature color story. Blonde isn’t a one size fits all. For some a blonding service can be a dimensional brunette.. for others it’s a platinum blonde.

It’s my goal as the artist to find the perfect color story for you and

your lifestyle. 

I believe you never quit learning and growing.
As an educator with Alterna Haircare for 6 years and then being a part of the Sunlights Artisan Team for 4, I know the value of education.


As an artist behind the chair for 12 years, I have traveled from New York to Miami to Los Angeles and everywhere in between furthering my education and love for my craft and have had the honor of working beside extremely talented artists throughout the years. 

This year alone I have spent over $5,000+ on continuing education to train and learn from the best in our industry to bring back the latest color techniques and trends to my Vicksburg beauties. If you would like to learn more about my hair artist journey you can visit here. 



Hair Artist. Entrepreneur. Dreamer.

Believer. Doer. Achiever. Go Getter. 

Peyton is a blonding specialist living in Vicksburg, Mississippi with her hubby, Adam, and two dobermans, Dixie & Dobie.


She's fluent in all shades of blonde and has traveled all over the United States attending classes, working events, and sharing her love for education with other stylists throughout the past decade.


When she isn't behind the chair you can find her working on their latest house remodel or traveling to their latest destination. Click to learn more about her hair artist journey.

A few of my favs

City : 

Campeche Mexico





Pride & Prejudice


sugar free mojo


Green apple martini

Beach or Mountains:






Peyton kentucky.jpg
black splatters.png
black splatters.png

Thing to Do:



hot pink


remodeling houses or baking

Blonde or Brunette:

both are beautiful

IMG_8079_Facetune_24-06-2022-21-42-05 (1).jpg

 peyton bryan

Hair Artist. Entrepreneur. Dreamer. Believer. Doer. Achiever. Go Getter.

​Wifey to Adam + Dog Mom to our two dobermans, Dixie & Dobie.

Im a glass half full, make lemonade out of lemons kind of girl. I believe in magic and happiness and being kind. I believe in being the best you can possibly be. If you are going to do something, give it everything you've got or don't do it at all. I love all things travel and renovating houses to make them homes. Im constantly going non stop but I wouldn't have it any other way. Im grateful for this life of mine. 


"When I stand before God at the end of my life,

I hope I can say I dont have one bit of talent left.

I used everything you gave me"


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