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Are you ready to become the balayage expert in your area?

Balayage Look + Learn

Two hours


$89 per person

Welcoming new balay believers wanting to paint their way to financial freedom or balayage artists wanting to perfect their technique! We will cover core balayage techniques that will allow you to create any look designed by the fastest growing balayage company in the nation. I will share with you before and after photos to give you a clear vision of when and why to use each technique. I will also share with you my personal tips and tricks I've learned over the years to allow you to skip the learning curve and perfect your craft. 

Balayage Look + Learn with Light Hands On

3 hours


$189 per person

In depth training covering balayage techniques to have you painting your way to financial freedom the very next day. Learn how to mix Sunlights Balayage lightener perfect every time, which techniques to use when, placement, and hands on how to create a flawless consistent balayage stroke for ultimate lift EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I will share with you ALL of the Balay Lama's tips and tricks for creating the brightest balayage every time and how to paint the perfect money piece because if you don't paint the money, you don't make the money. Are you ready to become the balayage expert in your area today? Schedule a class today!

Balayage Advanced Hands On

4 hours


$289 per person

From the perfect balayage strokes to bowlayage to color melting seamlessly EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Join us to learn ALL things balayage!


Ever wish that everything balayage was broken down all at one time in one place? Not just a few techniques or a few placements in the hair here and there, but everything from start to finish including all of the advanced techniques that give you swoon worthy pinterest pictures? Join us for four hours of all things balayage!


Start to Finish. Starting from the very beginning, we cover how to mix sunlights clay lightener, the different placements on the head and when to use them. Then, I will share with you advanced balayage techniques including how to paint the perfect pixie and bowlayage techniques to get EVERY. SINGLE. BABY HAIR. EVERY. TIME. Then, we will dive into color melting and gray coverage color with balayage.

 My Balayage Journey

It was August of 2015 and I was hungry for education. I was living in Houston, Texas and was striving to grow as an artist and business owner. I was in love with my craft and wanted to be the best artist I could be. I think my goal in my head was I wanted to be ready for absolutely anything that walked in the door. This was when balayage was first introduced mainstream. Remember? It all started with ombres that looked like your hair was dipped in bleach. (Thank goodness we got away from that) and transitioned into everyone wanting natural looking highlights with a soft transition that you could ONLY get with balayage.


As an educator for Alterna Haircare I knew the power of education. I found Sunlights Balayage and started with one tube of lightener. When it came in there was a flyer advertising their education that year. I tried their lightener, but didn't know how to mix it properly, I made it too runny, but I was smart enough to know that I obviously wasn't doing something right, so I signed up for Candy's balayage bootcamp in Buckhead Atlanta just around the corner from her 52 chair salon she owns there. At the time it was around a $2,000 trip and it was worth every. single. penny.


We all have moments that we remember as turning points in our career or maybe several "ah-ha" moments that shifted our career for the better. This was one of mine.


I came back and as I mastered these techniques my business boomed. Balayage ignited a passion for my craft and gave me freedom to create and be artistic in a way that couldn't happen with standard foil applications. It completely changed my career and jump started my journey as a blonding specialist and balayage expert.

Fast forward four years, I was living in Vicksburg, Mississippi and saw where Sunlights Balayage was taking applications for a Train the Trainer event they did once a year.

I applied and in February of 2019 was chosen, along with other hand selected balayage believers, to attend Train the Trainer at Sunlights HQ in Atlanta hosted by Candy Shaw and became part of the Sunlights Artisan team. The Sunlights Artisan Team is made up of talented artists from all over that come to Train the Trainer to find the best ways to communicate and teach all things balayage with the rest of the world.


We are taught tips and tricks to share with you to transform how you paint behind the chair. We train to be the best educators we can be, so we can bring it back to our little area of the world and make it available to other artists in a local and affordable way. You don't have to travel to New York or Atlanta to receive the latest in balay news. It's available right here in your backyard. If you are a beginner or an established artist, we have a class for you. 

Here's to spreading the Balay Gospel and growing careers. I can't wait to meet you and be a part of your Sunlight's Balayage Journey! Unleash your inner artist and let me help you transform your career with the freedom of balayage. Follow me on Eventbrite to find upcoming classes or contact me to host a class in your salon. 


I loved the class very much!

Loved the hands on portion!

-Ashley K.

Peyton did such a great job explaining so many techniques. She is very positive and helpful!

-Holly G.

Wonderful class, instructor, and environment! Really enjoyed it!

-Destin C.

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What Previous Students are Saying 

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